Zumba Events with Fitness Motivators

Normally, at this site I do not show partiality to one company, but in this case I am making an exception. My twin sister and I developed "Fitness Motivators" in 1988 and made a commitment to helping the people achieve fitness in our community.  To visit more of our events, please visit this link by clicking here.

Focus Hope Wellness Event
Detroit, Michigan
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Focus Hope - Detroit, MI

On the same day as our Zumba Charity Party, we also had a Zumba Demo that we did for the Focus Hope Wellness Event in Detroit

Out in the Courtyard

(Left ot right) Debbie, Laura, Chrissy, and Donna. The guy sitting on the ground works for Focus Hope and decided to join us in this photo.

Front: Debbie Lim... Back (left to right), Donna Lim-Truss, Christina Truss- Welsh, and Laura Daniel

Zumba Charity Party
Grant Community Center, Farmington Hills, Michigan
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We want to thank everyone for making this party a success!
We would also like to thank the companies that donated to this party...

Fitness Motivators first Zumba Charity Party!

Left to right: Sonia, Donna, Laura, Pat (Donna and Debbie's mother was a major help with this event!), Debbie, Tiffany, Beth, and Lori (not pictured: Chrissy. Most Zumba Authorized, except for Beth and Tiffany.)

Two hours of continuous Zumba!

more Zumba.....

and more!

Guest Instructor, Helen Garbuzov with Debbie Lim

Guest Instructor (end right) Terri McCartney

A few of the Instructors from "CC Plus Dance & Fitness" (from Macomb County) with Debbie

Sitting out one song....

(Sitting) Phyllis and Pam with Instructor Beth

Guests with Tiffany

Middle is Denise and left of Denise, Lisa, with Instructor-In-Training Tiffany (left)

Friends from Pfizer

Instructor, Donna's friends - They surprised her by attending the party!

Dancing in between sets...

Friends of Instructor, Lori, dancing away!

Helping at the Front Lobby

Scott (back), Donna's husband and Nino (front), Debbie's husband

A few of the party winners!

(Left to right) Michelle won a leather, Rhinestone Bracelet, Peggy won the Zumba Gym Bag, and Dawn won a Zumba face towel. Sonia is in the back smiling away!

Getting ready to clean up after the party.

(Left to right) Fitness Motivators Instructors, Donna, Chrissy, Beth, and Laura

How Fitness Motivators decorated the Patio for the Guests

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