Meet   Beto Perez

Beto Perez, of Colombia (South America) is the creator, founder of Zumba®, and Director of the national Zumba Master Trainer Team (ZES). He is a professional dancer and the former choreographer for Shakira and other high profile celebrities. His most recent celebrity project was with Pitbull.  Beto is the main attraction for Pitbull's new music video (under Zumba Fitness) "Pause".  You are able to view the video on youTube.

Zumba is Colombian slang meaning to move fast and have fun. The aerobics workout is famous for its Latin-inspired dance steps - Salsa, Merengue, Flamenco and Samba. 

Zumba's success certainly stems from its Latin roots, but nowadays Perez is mixing it up. In his 2008 video series and in your current Zumba classes, you'll hear a little of country music, funk, and rock and roll, (of course you'll still hear your favorite Latin music).  Adding a variety of world influences, including Indian harmonies, Latin beats and the thick bass of African Reggaeton to the mix, offers something for everyone.

(2008) Zumba Creator, Beto with the Lim Twins, Donna and Debbie of Fitness Motivators

Zumba...What to Expect in Class
Written for you by Debbie Lim

Beto Creator of Zumba Fitness

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